Day 1 / Morning


Introductory talk

For more on efficiency, reproducibility, and correctness, see this talk Titus gave in Colorado yesterday,, as well as the paper Best Practices in Scientific Computing.

You might also be interested in this blog post and the associated paper on version control.

Using this Web site

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Here’s a Google Doc that we’ll paste stuff into:.

Intro technology, and Python basics

(Titus Brown)

Git quick guide:

  • to retrieve the materials for the class, do:

    git clone
    cd 2013-04-az/notebooks

    at the shell prompt. On Windows, you may need to use Git Bash to create the directory, and then cmd.exe to run ipython notebook (see below).

  • to update the materials, do:

    git pull origin master

IPython Notebook quick guide:

  • run

    ipython notebook --pylab=inline

    in the directory containing your notebook files. A Web view of the notebook should pop up.

    If you’re using Anaconda, you can type:

    c:\anaconda\scripts\ipython notebook --pylab=inline

    The trick will be running this in the correct directory, but you have a little bit of time to figure this out because we won’t start with a preexisting notebook.

  • executing code

    shift-ENTER -- to execute current "code cell" and move to next
    ctrl-ENTER -- to execute current "code cell" and stay

Python installing guide:

  • run, variously, one of

    pip install <packagename>


    ~/anaconda/bin/pip install <packagename>


    sudo pip install <packagename>
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