U. Arizona – On Campus Resources

You can get help on campus with this stuff!

You are welcome to bring questions to the Women in Information and Computer Science office hours (Katie C. used to be president).

They have office hours in Gould-Simpson 737, Monday 11-1 and Wednesday 1-3 If the door is closed, knock on the door, or use the code *.

Contact WICS officers at uofa.wics@gmail.com, if they aren’t too busy they are happy to help with questions.

WICS has also created a Python quick refence sheet, which can be found at http://goo.gl/Jo4nU. On the last page is a list of Python tutorials, at varying levels.

Tucson has the Tucson Python Language Enthusiasts (http://tuplegroup.appspot.com/) who would be happy to help you.

IEEE also keeps an open community space in ECE 105 which is open most days from 10am to 5pm and can provide help with computing.

The ACM can be contacted at uofa-acm@googlegroups.com and can provide help.

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